Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jesus Saves Freebie

I have something to share with you all and that
is last Sunday I was born again I was saved at
the altar of my church....Cleansed of ALL my
sins....this made me so happy and made me want
to share this freebie with you....I hope you enjoy
it you can use it for whatever you wish.....thanks
so much for looking I Hope you can use it and I
hope you let the Lord save you its a wonderful can pick up the freebie HERE at the
store just scroll down to the bottom of the page
under the freebies section and click on the preview
and it will download for you....((hugs))


Michelle's Angels said...

Hey Sweetie,
I am so happy for you!!! God has given me many blessings and I am so happy you gave your life to Him. I did about 2 years ago!

I gave you an award..go to my blog to pick it up.

LOL (this time it means Lots of Love)

Unknown said...

To my Sister in Christ! What a blessing to read your testimony of comming to Christ! Ive been a christian for many years, over 30 and God has been faithful through trials and tears...blessings and mercy are new everymorning! His, Teri

Pamela said...

Hi Leaonna,

I've left a little something for you over at my blog:

Michelle's Angels said...

I gave you another award, wait you see this one and you will know why I just HAD to give it to ya! Head over there to get it!

LOL (Lots of Luv)

Lynn said...

Welcome to the family, sister in Christ! Lovely to hear ytour news and thank you fo the crochet cross:)

Hugs and blessings


Lynn said...

Of course, it would look even better if I actually did a spell check before posting...........