Thursday, January 31, 2008

QP Freebie from new Feelin Froggy Kit.

I have a Precious little QP here for you....I am so proud of my newest CT...Tara...
she has really caught on to all of this in a hurry.....I have shown her something that
she would really like to do that she had never done it before....unlike most of us who
started out with Traditonal or Hybrid scrapbooking...Tara had never scrapbooked
before....she is however a Computer Wiz and has totally impressed me by picking up
quickly on any program on the computer or webb....thanks Tara We LOVE you sweetie..((hugs))
Please leave her a Comment if you
Download k?...
Happy Scrappy!!
this is #2 Scrap-o-holic kit...Just click on the photo to get your FREE QP and Freebies from the kit...
Full Feeling Froggy Kit coming to the store soon....
Im so silly did I forgot to mention that Jess blog has a couple of Beautiful QP FREEBIEs on her blog?
click here to get there quickly!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New QP from Scrap-o-holicsValentine Kit

This Beautiful QP is from my Dear Friend and CT member for both
stores...*lol*...Michelle M. over at Crafty Scraps she has some beautiful kits over there at very affordable prices..and she is very very talented...thank you so much for the QP ROCK Michelle!!! I just LOVE it I think its beautiful....I included
a few x-tra goodies in the download....I just love doing this because it make the download so much fun......i copied the idea Michelle...I just LOVE getting her Freebies.....(cause you can usualy get an xtra layout with the goodies...*lol*
anyhow just clik on the picture for the QP and goodies....
You can get the Complete Kit at my store that is going to be changed from 2busycrappin2shop into Scrap-0-holics just click HERE to get there quick

....This is the first of many kits that jessica and I did together....hope you like...
If you like it enuff to download
Please leave us some LOVE on the blog...below

this article here on add comment...ty((hugs))
Happy Scrappin!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tattoo Heart QP layout

Hi there everyone...I have a Freebie here for ya...Michelle M.over at
made this layout...I LOVE it....its frome my new tattoo heart
kit below and an older kit thats half price and about to be removed from the
store....I put lots of free extras in this download so I hope you enjoy....PLEASE if your gonna DOWNLOAD leave a comment for me below on this blog...I Really NEED the support....
Im a Starving Designer...*LOL*...
because Im not using 4shared anymore...too
many stolen files over there....*lol*...Dont forget to go give Michelle some love on her
site if ya like it cause she made it for me......
and heres a link to my store....

Monday, January 28, 2008

My New kit...Tattoo Heart...

Here it is finally I LOVE it I hope you guys do too...
you can pick it up at my store just click on the photo
for the link k?((hugs))

FREEBIE from new Kit in the store called tattoo heart..

Here is what your freebie for today looks like...i have had a productive
Sunday and Monday I havent been to bed yet...*lol*Click on photo for link.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Join our Creative Team....Well have lots of fun....

Click on photo to enlarge....and email me at if
your interested k?

Friday, January 25, 2008

I have something to share and I absolutely LOVE it......
she used my Freebie Christmas Kit from the Sassy contest....
Jesus is the heart of the season...and this family keeps
that true you gotta read this tradition below....I was so
touched by the story I just had to share it with you:

In our home we have a tradition
we started when the kids were very young. On CHRISTmas morning before
anything can be opened we take a small gift box and each take turns putting
a foam heart into the box. For we all know the only thing Jesus would want
from us on His birthday is our hearts. We then close the box, sing happy
birthday to Him and finish it with the chorus from come all ye faithful
which is Come Let Us Adore Him. When all that is done we place the box into
the tree branches and then and only then are the kids allowed to start
opening their stockings and presents. We also have a dinner followed by a
Birthday cake just to make sure the kids "get it". It has become my favorite
CHRISTmas tradition and hope that now as the two older children are out of
the home (not having kids for quite a while I hope) that they will continue
the tradition. Even when they come over CHRISTmas day they still ask to put
their "gift" in the box.

thanks for sharing your story with me Donna...heres a
link to Donna's blog

if yall wanna drop her a line and tell her your thoughts on this
beautiful page...she has it posted on her blog as well....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The 2 Loves of my life....

Hi there I am sharing with you a layout I did with at new kit to come out
soon....its a callab kit with my buddy from Nexa's digiscraps...We are
going to have a HUGE Awesomely Wonderful Valentines kit for you guys...
off course we just have to give u some FREEBIES along the way...*LOL*
This is a layout I did a QP for you all...
I will be posting it in a Goodie bag for you all sometime 2-nite....
The Beautiful Word Art in this QP was created by
Nexa's Digiscraps
she is so good at this...I am not talented in this area at all ......this is one of
the things that makes us work so well together...*lol*

Nexa's Digiscraps has a QP as well with goodies in
download as have to go over there to get on name to get there in a flash....

The Goodie Bag and QP is ready just click on either
page layout above to DOWNload

FYI: something personal about me turn away if
you dont want to read go
get your freebie buh bye and have a nice day......those who are interested...this is the first
layout including my father I have been able to do about him
since his death....I have tried on many occasions...but its hard
to scrap when tears are falling from my eyes so heavy I cannot
My Father was my BEST Friend and I Miss him
so badly it hurts just like the day he died.....I have been struggling
with this issue and Doctors are sure this is one of the reasons
I have Fybromalgea....I have shed many tears on this layout and
I dont know if Ill be able to do another one anytime soon...
It makes me so sad to think of him....I try not too and its
really not fair because he was such a GREAT man....Soft Hearted
Gentle, Careing and Sensitive...I want to be able
to share these things with my children and grandchildren in my pages..
I really hope I can do more layouts and share with you all what a Wonderful Loving
Friend and Parent he was....Hes the reason Im the person I am
today...Bad or Good He is the Reason....

Mothers day and a little Froggy

Hello everyone...I thought I would share with you a
couple of layouts....this is Mother's Day 2007
My two youngest children and I spent some time
at build a bear...I saw this frog and well I fell in
Love....Her name is Gypsey...and what more
could you ask for? I got to spend time with my
babies and we got to play around and make
our stuffies @ build-a-Bear.....Fun,Fun,Fun

I got this kit from Michelle over at
Craftyscraps...its called Hoppin Cute
and I also used the Hoppin Cute Alpha,

So Hop on over and pick it
She also has a GREAT Sale goin on
buy one and get one FREE now how
can you go wrong with that?

She also has a couple of Fantastic
Designers working with her...
Digi Scraps by Nexa she has a FREE
kit for you with a purchase from her
section of the store as well...there is an
adorable doggy kit to die for and its
FREE with purchase you gotta see
this to beleive it...

Brittney's designs are also fabulous
Im not her CT but I can C that she
OK im getin a little punchy but
IM not blind and All 3 of the ladies
are Awesome!!!!

Maybe I should just move in with them?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its a Guy Thang....LOL

Michelle Made this QP from a Kit I made for my son and husband
....I love the photos and phrase she used in her layout hop on over to her blog and check it out
(Did someone SPIKE his milk and COOKIES*LOL*....I just know you all are gonna love it...leave her some love on her and check out her layout here@CraftyScraps You can click on the picture to download or click below Heres the download You can pick up this kit in my store its Vintage Latte get it here its only$1.25 Most items are Half off come check it out and let me know what you think about my new store....((hugs))Lea

QP from my new Michelle

Michelle has worked hard for you all today....she made this
gorgious QP....I just know you all are gonna love it...leave her some love on her blog here CraftyScraps You can click on the picture to download or click below Heres the download You can pick up this kit in my store its Vintage Latte get it here its only$2.25 Most items are Half off come check it out and let me know what you think
about my new store....((hugs))Lea

Monday, January 14, 2008

QP from my NEW Kit....and my 1st SALE!!!

My Buddy over at Digiscrap by Nexa
made this QP for YOU....
I have a couple of the best friends
in the world who just happen to be my
CTs as well...*lol*
Enjoy the QP and leave Her Some
Love we all need a little Lovein
MOST of the time...*lol*
Click the QP page above to get
the download and
((happy Scrappin!!))
50% off of EVERYTHING in my store
for 24hrs...If there is anything
you like but thought it was too much to
pay come on over and stock up while
its cheap....thats like buying one
and getting one FREE except
you get to pick exactly what you LIKE!!:)
Click on my Logo below to go right
to the Grand Opening Sale!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Latte Inspired Vintage Kit and FREEBIE

This is a picture of my Mother
When she was a Little Girl
I just LOVE Vintage Pictures of
My Family and this kit is perfect
for scrapping them..
You can pick up the QP layout of this

from my Buddy Michelle over at Crafty Scraps
there is more in the Goodie Bag then what
is shown here...I LOVE surprises Dont YOU?
I also have a Larger Kit in my store over at

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Preview of My New Kit and FREEBIE!!!!!

Heres a PREVIEW of my new KIT.....hop on over to my shop and check it out Click on the Photo at Left 2 get There!!!! Its only $6.50 and includes 3 desktop designs
as well as Emebellies and Papers to make a scrapbook page or your own desktop....
Happy Scrappin

FREEBIE from my NEW Kit!!!!!!

This Kit REally Put a new twist on an old color scheme go check it out at my store theres a link above on the right....I LOVE the way this kit turned out and its totally a different direction then what you think of for Valentines but my son and his Girlfriend(my future daughter in my creativity on this GREATLY when i thought I was done they would say somethng that would trigger Creativity and BOOM I would just have to do one more thing....
this is a FREE matching WRAPPED Frame SET....Isnt it CUTE....anyhow heres the link.....please dont forget the LOVE
I REALLY need SOME....((hugs))


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Freebie Desktop..Love Always is the title..

Hi everyone....Im so glad to finally have something
for you all to post....I am working on a
Desktop Kit for my store heres the address youll
have to copy and paste it....
and this is my first Freebie from it....I hope you
enjoy and PLEASE leave me some feedback.....I
made a section of the desktop light so you could
have an area to put your icons...and still enjoy
the color everywhere else....I am going to make a
series of these and need to know what you like
and dislike about it and what subjects you would
like to see..

I stamped a love letter from the Grungy Love
Letters Brushes I made on the background
....and added some Grunge
to the pink....I hope you like the glass heart border
at the top...and I am so proud of myself for making
my own buckle and making it look weaved through
the buckle it is so fun....

I would really appreciate some support by purchasing
an item or two at my store listed above

I give away a lot of Freebies and all of
my items are priced very affordable....I have to prove
to my husband I can make a living this way or I cannot
keep the store...and well Im not physically or
mentally able at this point to handle one(my husband

doesn't understand this)....I am capable of and
I LOVE designing things for you all and I would
LOVE to continue to do so...but I will need your help k?

Thanks soooo much for stopping by

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Freebie from my new KIT!!!

I finally got the store open and heres a cool little freebie from my kit ....heres the link
"Happy Scrappin!!"

check out my store....tell me what you think
heres the addresss sorry I didnt have that on here earlier....((hugs))

Link to my Store....2busyscrappin2shop

Sorry I cannot get this link to work try the one on top left....
There it is the link is just beautiful to me...I have worked so hard to get the store going and my future daughter in law helped me aout...hehehe...shes awesome...gotta LOVE her...
A Great Big Bear Hug for you Tara...Love YOU!!!!
I will be adding new items daily so check it out k?

Grungy Love Letters Previews...

Hi there I finally have my Grungy Love Letters Kit ready...I'm so excited...I had many set backs in getting the store up and running...but have made it and I hope everything works Correctly...lolI hope you all enjoy this kit...I used it on Crystals templates I'm a member of her club its great Hop on over there shes terrific...and very affordableheres the link go check it out...she has some great templates and a QP Freebie from a 2 page layout template that could e used as desktop or scrappin...I made the QP layouts with her templates and my kit...Im her guest designer for the week:)
She has one part of the 2 page template on her blog above and I have the other on my blog Here
I also am fixing to go upload a freebie on my blog from the kit...just a little something I saved and put back for an add on Freebie if you buy the kit and a little something for those who just need a am going to request that if you like my work enough to download while its downloading you have time to leave comments...(i always leave comments when I get freebies) PLEASE leave comments for me...tell me hi or whatever I would rather you put tyfs then nothing ...All the Designers work really hard to create Freebies for you to enjoy the least you can do is leave some LOVE...and for those of you who do leave LOVE....THANK YOU!!!!!! You guys keep me going,inspiring me to CREATE....with the compliments and Kind words.....I LOVE that...YOU guys are AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi there!!...I'm soooo excited don't you just love this layout....I got together with Crystal over at the template club.... you go on
over there you can get the first page in this QP set....But not till
the 5th I believe....Im going to give you the link to Part 2...
I think Crystal is a Template Diva and here's a little about her:
"I've been married for nine years. I have two kids, Eli is 7 years old, Eden is 4 months old. Keep us with my babies gives me plenty of oppurtunities to come up with great layouts. I design in my free time, but I have a real job as a remote medical record coder. It's demanding and very detail oriented, a lot like design. I'm a busy girl but I enjoy both my "jobs" tremendously."
now for my part of the Freebie go here