Friday, May 30, 2008

My Sisters Wedding

I decided to make a photo ribbon board with
a few of my favorite pictures from my sisters
wedding....bottom left my son Brandon and
his new step cousin Haley...bottom right is
my daughter Franny and MY niece Shaunna
whom everyone always thougt was mine
when i was baby sitting her*LOL*...she really
does look like me...teehee
Ok Credits are as follows...and let me tell you
this lady really knows how to make a kit...
I mean nice neat and tidy and enuff pieces
for many layouts and also everything youll ever
here name is June and her blog is Junes Loft
go check it out she always has some wonderful
freebies and usuall a contest of some sort with
wonderfull bonus items....the name of this kit
is Flutter Fairies and you can get it at SDK
and Digishoptalk
((hugs)) and GET busyscrappin*LOL*

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Add for Friday...

Ok here is my latest freebie....Hope you like it
hop on over to the store and check it out...
also some GREAT new kits from everyone
and I marked down some of the prices on my
kits as well your sure to find something you like and a
BUNCH of new freebies...*LOL*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Layout time....about ME

ok i had to do a layout about me for the CT blog
over at if i could just figure
out how to upload to her blog...Ill be doing great..
i got started on this one used some new actions
got carried away and before i knew it was 4:00am
WOW!!! my hubby was not happy he never is....
oh well im pleased with it let me know what you
think and i would love to see a layout from you
with your favorite things on a list....that would be
a NICE way to get to know you....((hugs))

Sunday, May 25, 2008


FREEBIE Yay....I have made a little Build
a catterpillar kit and am uploading it tonite
at the store Busyscrappin
This is the sample from it....if you purchase
the kit it has all the pieces in ping form and it
also has a psd.file in layers to build and color
as well as a FREE Bonus SET of beads in diff
colors to decorate his antennae with...
Just click on the preview to get the Freebie
and dont forget the love if you download...
thanks..I hope you like him....((hugs))

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Goodies and New Designers.....

I absolutely ADORE this kit and well You
dont need any coupons But over the weekend
you can have this kit for $1.00 its called
Freedom.....on Tuesday the price goes uppity
up you better pick it up for
$1 while you can...

not only can you get this kit dirt cheap BUT
you can also check out my Newest Designers Kits
I have added 3 more...dont think this job is easy
cause its not there are so many talented designers
out there....
Robyn's Chic Scraps which is named wrong at the
store and I have to get that fixed asap*LOL*
Tantrum Tags she is doing small tagger kits for now
but from the looks of the kits we all will be wanting
her to do full size kits as soon as she gets her computer
upgraded...teehee and last but not least
Welcome ladies Hope you enjoy your Stay.....AND these
ladies as the rest of the gang have uploaded some
marvelous Kits and Freebies for what are you
waiting for? ....go get some cheapies and freebies*LOL*

DONT forget to leave some comments at the store...Im not
seeing very many...we could really use the feedback....thanks
and get busyscrappin!!

My New Graduation Kit.....

Here is the layout I made with it for my sons
GFs graduation....
I worked so hard on this kit and let me tell you
i did the whole thing over last nite...i decided I
didnt like what i had done at the last minute..
thats a silly bipolar chick for ya!!*LOL*
Let me know what you think of the kit and if you
like it you can purchase it at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frannies Accelerated Reading Award

I am so proud of Franny yes this is
the artist and she is smart too*LOL*
she graduated from 5th grade reading
on a 12th grade level....she loves to read
and is so smart.....
I used Bella by Cens is a link
where you can find it
....i also used a
freebie from her blog
NOT only can you find Challenges and Freebies
on her blog there is also one in her store...go
check it out...the Bella kit is on sale and VERY
I suggest it highly I had a BALL scrappin with
this kit....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Updates for Items in the Store and the Freebie!!

Funky Flowers is the new Freebie with any
purchase come on over to
and check out all the new goodies....we have NEW
Goodie Bags....and GREAT on the
name of store or the preview to go to the store
after you get your freebie below....teehee
btw dont forget to join the forum!!!!

A Sample Freebie from Busyscrappin!!

Here is your blogg Freebie I hope you like it...
its a sampling of a couple of kits new and available
at forget to go there
so you can get the other Freebie available.....
click on the preview for the blog freebie...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Got TAGGED by Tara...*LOL*

1st off i want to Thank Tara for this Beautiful
Tag she made for Awesome...
what a sweetie...she is and all just for telling
her how beautiful they was Just the truth*LOL*
Check out her work she is AWESOME!!!!!!

Now here is what I have to do because
I got tagged by Tara...teehee

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some
random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by
leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving
a comment on their blog .
Okay here is my 7 facts...they are probably all weird...*LOL*
1. I work in my PJs.
2. I am BI Polar amongst other things*LOL*
3.I am crazy AND i have a crazy hubby,3 crazy kids,
3 crazy dogs,3 crazy cats, and we live in a Crazy Big House....
4. I LOVE to Draw and Paint but RARELY have time.
5. I LOVE the Ocean.
6. My best creation times are between the hours of
10:00pm - 3:00 am.
7. I died while giving birth to my daughter Frances and I
was Brung back to life after they stabbed me in the heart
with insulin shots 4 times...(she is my 2nd crazy child)

I am picking some of my favorite people....which is very hard to do
I have met so many wonderful people in this bloggin community..
difinately check all the blogs for freebies....

1. Jess-
2. Michelle
3. Melanie
4. ScrapStewSue
5. Melissa
6. Amanda
7. Angie

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers Day....

I had a wonderful day....I did however spend
the nite before finishing up Badge Books
for my Mothers....teehee...I USED a kit called
Lilac Dreams by CraftyAccents....BEAUTIFUL
kit you can purchase the kit used to make the
Badge Book Here....
Which however was a BIG HIT!!!!!
Now Im trying to find the time to make one for
myself...*LOL*...If this hybrid project is something you
would like to see for sale in the store as a printable...
Leave a comment and let me know...k?
((hugs)) get busyscrappin....teehee

Friday, May 9, 2008

Popsicle Paradise train

heres a summer FREEBIE(linkdeletednewonebelow)
and I will have a whole mess of links for more to the
kit as soon as i find the blog roll...I dont know im
confused sleep deprived Ill get more details tomorrow
at least I got mine posted somebody has all the links
Im am such the idiot this is not supposed to be here till
June 1st....I am going to add a different freebie and you
can look forward to this one on June 1st....SORRY
if you already have it thats great.....keep it secretshhhhh...
heres a surprise freebie your sure to love....hehehe

I got Accepted over at Crafty Accents......New Layouts

I am so Honored to have been accepted on
Karel's CT over at Crafty Accents...
such a very talented Lady and has all kinds of
friends who sometimes contribute to her designs
and well I just think they are so Beautiful....I used
her kit called Beeutiful Day....just clik on the name
or the store name above to get to her site...
I also used 2 of my 3 new paper tear actions in these
layouts as well you can pick those up here@

1st layout is of my son recent musical at his middle
school called Glow...the whole 2nd grade dressed up
as bugs and butterflies and spiders, fireflies any bug
you imagine was there....Brandon was a caterpillar and
turned into a butterfly....also plaid the xylophone
Hes such a cutie.....

2nd layout is of my daughter...she is 10 and in the 5th
grade and she is the most beautiful young lady I have
ever seen and smart too...WOW...she is so talented
youll have to check out some of her work coming soon to

Thanks for reading my blog ((hugs))
Come back soon Ill have a freebie up by Sunday...*LOL*

Mothers Day Mini Kit in the Store for $1.00

So excited to bring you this adorable little
kit for $1.00 yes this is not a misprint *LOL*
one US dollar....*ROFLOL*...I know its hard
to believe BUT its true so hop on over to
Busycrappin pick-up a few new freebies and
pick up this adorable kit for only $1.00... you
also get a freebie kit with any purchase....((hugs))

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hi Yall

Hello I just wanted to show you guys the only
thing i accomplished today as far as digital stuff
is concerned...*LOL*...I did however get over
half of the garage cleaned out....hehehe...cant
have it both ways...teehee

I also wanted to tell you that Cindi a VERY
talented CT of mine has made some Beautiful
QPs and all you have to do is turn in a layout
it can be a dance, prom , or really even just a
couple out on the town or whatever...get more
details on her blog get some
beautiful pages done with all my Prom goodies
and they are in sections if you purchase it you
dont have to get the prom part there are lots
of glitters and things very glitzy and glamerous
kit you should check it out...go to her blog dont
pass it up your chance to get FREEBIES!!!!
Love you all ((hugs))Leaonna

Saturday, May 3, 2008

byGodsDesign-LaughingZebra and a FREEBIE!!

Ok i have a layout I cannot believe i got so
excited about Freebie Hoppin and Shoppin
I only got 1 Layout done... sad very sad*LOL*
any way I did manage to get a Freebie
Done for you...teehee Its commercial use but
read my TOU there are other people involved
I used Laughing Zebra byGods Design and I
Hope that her computer problems will go and
her Commercial Use Fibers will appear in my
store Busyscrappin she is one of my new
Designers I will be using Stellas Items next
teehee this is so fun go to the store to download it
and by all means leave me some LUV rite there
in the store comments k? there is a place in the
store to leave commetns you dont have to put
the Freebie it in the cart you just click on it k?
its a surprise whats inside...but maybe an item f
rom the layout will be in there....hint hint!!
heheheI did use my paper tear action1 as well..