Sunday, December 30, 2007

Commercial Use Freebie!!

Hello Everyone!
I am proud to present a brush kit...I have
tested in
Adobe Photo shop Elements 3.0 and 5.0
I could not get it to work in Photo shop 6.0
Can someone tell me if it works in anything
else?...I would really appreciate it....So I know
what else it works in before I List in my store..
I have included Ping files for those who are
unsuccessful in installing Brush Set...
There is also a Surprise or two not shown in
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrappin
I have had computer problems all day and I
cannot get my link hot so you will probably have
to copy and paste the URL....Sorry

Friday, December 28, 2007

corrected Magical Add on link.....

I am so so so sorry.....I had no idea..I must have gotten so busy I didnt even pay attention...Well Im pretty sure this one works...Thanks so much Cher for the Heads up on that one...I just made a totally different link....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I feel SO Much Better and a FREEBIE..YAY

Hello I hope you all have had a WONDERFUL and SAFE Christmas....Mine was FABULOUS as usual but i missed my Father so badly...I thought of many memories of Christmas gone by and How Magical he made mine EVERY Year...I lost him a couple of years ago and I MISS him as badly today as the day he died....

Enuff on the sad stuff Im moving on...I made a Brush kit for you....I hope you all can use these and make yourself a fun little kit of your own or whatever you want...I give you Commecrcial use of these...Please just mention me somewhere if you can K? maybe when you post your first layout or kit from it? I would appreciate it because Im going to try and sell some things to try and make a living soon...I have been disabled for several years from a Tractor Trailor accident and really very Badly need some income....I will always have FREEBIES don't worry bout that...but I really need to start getting my bills caught up before I drown in I hope you guys can use this and have fun with it and PLEASE by all means send me some layouts or links or something I would LOVE to SEE what you do with it K?
Well enuff of my senseless babbling heres the link ENJOY!!((hugs))

Thursday, December 20, 2007

QP Layout.....Olive Delite

Hi there....I have a beautiful QP layout here, all you have to do is add picture... I used Michelles new Olive Delite kit and her new hardware kit as well heres the link ednjoy...Im not feeling very well I have something similar to flu....I cannot stand to let a day go by I dont post a Freebie isnt that pathetic?
Heres the link to the store so you can go buy it if you like....
I have a lot more presents for you before Christmas I just hope I get better soon....
Thanks for your kind words....
((hugs)) Leaonna

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snowflake Alpha....FREEBIE!!

I have been feeling very sick so I dont feel like doing much but I wanted to give you this freebie... I used the alphas in this layout of my daughter...I used Jessicas Snowflake Minikit the
link is below the snowalphadownload..
GREAT prices for Great Digitals...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hello I just wanted to share this layout with you guys...I really love this kit its called "Olive Delight" by Michelle over at Craftyscraps...I also used her Hardware Kit....(this is a must have for the daily scrapper)
Great Job Michelle....
I made a QP of this layout...Ill post a link for you later for now here is the link to her store so you can go get this kit its only $2.00 You also get a free Christmas kit whith any purchase....Cool Huh?
((hugs)) Leaonna

Monday, December 17, 2007

New Freebie Mini Kit

Hello everyone I hope your having a safe and fun holiday so far.....I just want you to know that im always late getting anything done sooooo your Christmas Present May actually be closer to else is so organized...not me....anyhow....I have a new little mini kit here for you...I decided to go have a little fun at the Scrapbookers Playground and I entered this kit in the Dec. color Challenge...Im a gluttin for punishment...heres the link...let me know what you think....downloadhere
Poet and dont Know it....
((hugs)) Leaonna

Saturday, December 15, 2007

**Magical Kit add on...

Heres a little Magic add on I hope you enjoy these jewels and butterfly wings these are a few of my favorite



Friday, December 14, 2007

2 Unique Unicorn Papers

I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE...I also included the exact same layout with aWhite Background...Kinda like ying and
Heres the link...

New Magical Kit!!

This is PEAK of what the kit looks like...Hope you like it let me know what you think......
You can get the kit here

Hop on over to StoneAccents and show a little appreciation for the Free Art and Vote for me....HERE
Dont forget to leave me some love!!!!
Have Fun and Happy Scrappin!!!!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Alpha Charms

Hi there I have a FREEBIE for Yall!!!
I hope you like them I will be adding charms
and numbers later...Let me know what you
think there is a layout in the slideshow with
this in it...Check it out....
Heres the link


Monday, December 10, 2007

WinterWonderland QP Freebie

Hi there I have a Winter Wonderland QP here for you A sample from a kit I am currently working on...I hope you will join my yahoo group if you have not currently done so...((hugs))

Winter WonderlandQP HERE
Just a Reminder there are Benefits to joining my group...You get a special Welcome kit free just for signing up....its called Santa very cute....Not to mention you'll never miss a freebie.......Leave me sum Luv....
By the way in case you was wondering this is my we just moved in it when I took this picture last year.....I am very happy here and I have a nice big Art Studio.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Join My Yahoo Group

Hi there I hope everyone is enjoying my Freebies...I have really enjoyed
making them for you....I thank you for all your nice comments to my
daughter as well as myself....I HOPE you will join my group its a
busyscrappin Yahoo Group anyhow send me your email and I will send you
an invite and ifneed me too and a link for a
special MEMBER only Goodie Bag...all I can
say is it will not be listed on my blogg as a freebie and its really really cool will only be available to people who join the group...LOL
this is gonna be me at with any questions about joining the busyscrappin group! and a link for an awesome FREEBIE for MEMBERS Only

Freebie QP made from my Christmas Kit...

Hello there I made this Beautiful QP mini kit for you...I call it Visions of Sugarplums...I made this layout with items from my Christmas Kit called
"Jesus is the Heart of the Season"
and I included them and a few extra embellies...ENJOY!! and the links are below for these kits and x tra freebies too...the QP mini kit I made for you is .........HERE. when your done downloading this QP....
If have time I would appreciate a vote if you like my Kit...the link is here
.... I could really use some love and some Votes Im not measuring up very if you have a minute to help a person out Please vote the link is above....((hugs)) everyone...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Preview of New Kit....

go vote for me...LOL

Here is the link for the page with previewand my downloads for this complete

Here is another preview of my kit...I will post a link to the contest tomorrow so you can go download all the freebies and Vote for for whoever you think is best...
Thanks to all of the nice comments About my Designs and my Daughters...She and I are sooo Greatful...It means a lot to me to have encouragement....I miss that the most from my father...he passed away a couple of years ago and I could do no wrong in his eyes....I Loved him sooo Much...He was My Best Friend......He LOVED my Art anything I did was a master piece in his eyes......Ok now that Im crying my eyes out I believe Im gonna finish up and go to beddy bye..Good Nite....

Freebie Glass Buttons......

Hey there everyone...I finally got my Christmas Kit ready for the Sassy Designer Challenge Round 2...YAY...It was Fun but Im glad Im DONE...LOL...Ok I am very PUNCHY..It is 1:08 here in the a.m......Well I am listing these previews of the kit and I have a

Pre Release Freebie It is Glass Buttons that match all the papers I believe there is 14 in all...this is definately my best kit yet and I hope you all enjoy scrappin with it as much as I did making it is below

Thursday, December 6, 2007

QP Freebie from My New Christmas Kit.....

Hello everyone...I hope you all like this layout...I dont know why it looks black in the place where a photo goes that looks weird anyhow it doesn't look weird when you download it...LOL....This is from my knew Christmas kit coming out FRIDAY and it will be FREE and It is the 2nd round of the Sassy contest at Stone Accents...

I need you guys to vote for me please.....anyhow Here is the link for this QP layout....
Please send any emails to from my kits or any thing you need just let me know...thank you for looking and all of your really keeps me going.....ty

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

QP Freebie from Franny's Christmas Kit..

Here is a sweet little QP from Franny:)

Enjoy and leave some


Franny's Christmas Kit...

Hello everyone....the first thing I want to say is
Thank You for all
your kind words...
I have Christmas Kit from Franny and she worked sooo hard on it...I hope you all like it...please leave her some love...heres the link
Don't forget to leave her some love....I hope she continues to like to paint and draw....

Friday, November 30, 2007

New Layout from the Sassy Challenge Kit

Another Beautiful Layout from Jessica over at Digi Scraps by Nexa....She used the new kit I made "I am Sassy" that you can download below....thanks Jessica I love the Layout....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I saved some of the Kit for Freebies

I have some of the kit that didnt get in the I am Sassy kit I made cause well....It just got too anyhow...the lower case I am Sassy font,and several papers are included.
You can download them here.
Then you all need to go over to Stone Accents and Download EVERYONES kits who entered...
If you just want to come here I will also have it
posted here tomorrow after 5:00pm
Enjoy and Happy Scrappin!!

Get the rest of my kit here

Ok everyone a very Large amount of FREEBIES are available at Stone Accents...A designer contest where you thats right YOU get to vote for a is the link below.......
I think there is 17 kits....Anyhow...head on over there and grabem up and vote for can vote for whoever you want...but I would LOVE it if you would vote for ME:)

New Layout and Kit for Sassy Challenge info below..

This is a layout from my buddy and very first
CT member Jessica at Digiscraps by Nexa....She used a paperpack from a Sassy Designer Challenge at Stone Accents I made...its called I am She also used some of her own
embelliesI sure did neglect my blogg while designing the Kit but it sure was fun and I hope they pick me for 1 of the 4 positons available....And I promise to make it up to anyone who ever cares at this
The link to my gallery at Stone Accents is under the layout above....this Friday nite Nov. 30th you can download all the entries for FREE...Cool Huh?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

QP Freebie from DIGISCRAPS by Nexa

Hello everyone this is my new friend at Digiscraps by Nexa...
I used her kit Snowman Cuties...
be sure and pick it up @
I also used my Cork alphas and My Page
Templates they are listed below as freebies
so go download them and play.....send me
some layouts if ya can.....
Now I also created a QP layout minus the black personal type.... its n her site the link is below.....Happy Scrappin...her blogg is here....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Merry Christmas by Digiscraps by Nexa.....

Hello there everyone....I just had to share this layout with you...This is my youngest son back in 2005...Isnt this sweet?...anyhow..I got this kit from Digi Scrap by Nexa....Its called golden Christmas Here is the link to her store...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

BusyScrappin FREEBIES Stamped corked Alphas..

I am soooo excited to give away this freebie! I love how they turned out...I hope you all like them as well.....I want to thank those of you who have said nice things to me and welcome you back for more freebies....I hope to get some more love from u guys:) and as long as I get love no matter how much or how little I will make and give away freebies one day I will open a store but I will still have freebies for you all who visit.....thanks....

Meet the Artist of Frannys Nature Kit 1...

Well here is the Lovely artist Frances. I think she did a wonderful job painting the elements in her kit Frannys Nature Kit 1. If you have a minute read her info on this scrappy page I made of her titled: "Meet the Artist". I am very proud of her skills and think she could be not parcial or I know she would love to hear some comments from you guys and I hope you can use her elements to scrap your children as well.....((hugs))

OK here is the QP layout I made with Frannys Artwork and I wanted to show you what it looked like with the photo so here is my son Brandon who says I dont scrap as many pictures of him as I do of everyone to myself(take a buch of pix of Brandon and do bunches of pages) anyhow here ya go I Hope yall enjoy her layout please leave some love...((hugs))

Franny First Freebie Nature Kit 1

Now first I wanna tell you she is all about
nature...thats why it was her first She loves the whole freebie thing she is just like her mommy and she has to do the same things I do it is her Freebie kit.....Just like her will be adding a seperate post for her QP layout because she said she just must have one of those so people can just plop theyre photo catches on so quickly she is 10 yrs old goin on in big I also did a layout about her I will be get that on here too....thanks so much for looking and please send us some samples and some luv K?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Freebies More Grannies Goodies Part 2

More of Grannies Goodies right here I hope you
enjoy part 2, please let me know what you them .HERE

I would love to see layouts email me at and I will post them on my blogg...ty....((hugs))

My layout with Grannies Goodies......

I just wanted to show you the layout I did
for this kit....Let me know if you would like
a Quick Page and Ill make ya one((hugs))

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Enjoy another Freebie a QP with Grannies Goodies

Hello, here is a QP layout made with Grannies Goodies....Let me know if you have any
trouble k? Hope you enjoy it and come back
soon for more freebies.......QPlayouthere

Freebies For Thanksgiving-Grannies Goodies

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am very
thankful for my family and my friends....I hope you all
enjoy this Freebie it is the first Part of two unless I
end up with more stuff but anyhow, these are for your
personal use please do not give away to other people
I would appreciate the visit here....If you have any problems
with the download let me know k? And if you want to you can
send me some layouts....I WAS INSPIRED to do this kit when
I began to look thru a box of my Grandmothers things.....
I was sad and happy and excited all the same....I love old things
and antiques and there is just sooo many things in this
kit that take me back to those fond memories of my
Darling Nanny!Thanks for stopping by! Come back SOON!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Children on Halloween

Hello this is my little sweeties on Halloween. I just could not wait another day to use some of my Halloween stuff (some free,some purchased)...Anyhow Im exausted and I believe its time for a bad for Friday night

Scrapbooking is my life otherwise I wouldnt have

Love Birds.......

Imperfect..Yepp thats me..

I really love this layout I wanted everyone to really see what I look like when im working...that mite have been a bad idea......Now if looking at thats not enough to make u laugh somethings look like I need a few more cups

of coffee

This was a fun Page to do....I made this with kits from Crafty Scraps Michelle McCoy is a very talented young lady I just love her creations...I used the following kits and or elements:Punky FlowersMM Alphas(not sure which ones)sorry!Talkin Bubbles

My first Freebie template


I am really new to all of this blogg stuff so forgive
me for the messy Ill catch on
to this and it will eventually look better....meanwhile
its messy just like my house since I started doing
Im giving away a template i just love them cause
you can use them over and over again
I made the template and I preferr you didnt give

it away because I would really appreciate
if people let me know if they like this when
they download

I made this template for my family photo in the
layout pictured here... Family First..its the torn

edge look on the photo....
I got the elements and paper from
RasberryRd.(very talented artist)
Please leave comments and let me know

what u think.....
Freebie is