Saturday, December 15, 2007

**Magical Kit add on...

Heres a little Magic add on I hope you enjoy these jewels and butterfly wings these are a few of my favorite




TexJudy said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing, but the link won't work...just thought I'd let you know =)

schellie said...

it looks great, but the same problem here as judy said. The link leads to the upload facilities on a blog with a google account. I hope you can fix it, because the butterflies are so great! I realy would love to download them! Thanks in advance.

Cher said...

Hi! So nice to finally "meet" you!
However, this link wants me to sign in to my google blogger account - I do not have one - so how can I get thewse incredible goodies that I am drewling over?!
Thank you for being so kind and generous - Cher