Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW kits in the store today.....Get em at TKO

I don't have time to put them in CreativeScraps yet
Im too exhausted I gotta get some rest so I
can play in the snow later...hehehe
Hope you like my goodies you can pick them up

New Kits and Your CU Freebie!!! Bad News

Well I have lots of goodies to share but
also bad news one of my dear pets passed
away and I'm devastated every
time this happens My Pets are my children
and I have lost 8 but this none any
different then the first....I have cried my
eyes out for days...

BUT on a Lighter Note
I have a Awesome Valentines Day Freebie
for You All and its a CU Grab Bag If you like
it please stop by the store and support me
by making a purchase. At least leave me a
Comment I really like to hear from you
all...and thanks for listening
to my ramblings you are also like my family...

Pick it up HERE
this is a FULL size will be back ASAP with
I Hope you like it...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New poser Frou Frou Love

I am so happy about this kit.....I
have worked on it for a long time
I know most people in my store
are very advanced in poser and can
make much better stuff then me but
I fell in Love with this character and
I am gonna upload it to the store...I
think shes the most beautiful eyes and
I have only been working in poser for
around 4mths and have done no Tuts
I am too stubborn i go in and push
buttons and learn as I go...teehee
I hope you all Love her too and will
help support my family and I by picking
her up for only $2.00 Here

I will be back with a Awesome Freebie for
you this weekend you know i like to give
you a gift for listening to my ramblings...LOL!!
BIG hugs,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Layouts from Elvin Holiday

I must say I am so greatful to Ishona

she made these Awesome Layouts and
I just had to show them to you....I am so
pleased with how they turned out and if
you would like to see more of her work just
click on her name..

Thanks again Sweetie!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elvin Holiday

Here is the kit I been working on all winter*LOL*
this is the reason I don't do kits much I work on them
way too long then they are out dated and I dont get
any other work done and well there ya go....I get into
creating these elements and I cannot
stop but i figured i had better so this is the result and
you can pick it up at TKO or Creativescraps

We are having a B-day sale at TKO if you like
my Freebies please support me by stopping
by the store and stocking up on all my Kits
Poser and Not and Full and Tagger...hehehe
Its a Store wide Sale.



Here is the gift I promised you....
My little Suzette and Kitty, i made
this little kit with full intentions of
putting it in the store but I don't
think its quite good enough now
that I have learned to use a better
lighting system....

I have kinda been out of it I have
ran into a problem...I cleaned the
registry on my computer to make
it run better and my Poser quit
working correctly....I have cried and
cried and tried and tried to fix it and
well i have done everything from
reinstalling to trying a diff version..If
you have any helpful hints Please Please
let me know and I hope you can use this
little kit even though its not that good*LOL*
I couldnt just throw it away!!*LOL*

Sorry I only have Full size for now Ill be back
with the tagger size asap....Hugs

Back Now with the TAGGER size....Hugs!!!

$1.00 Sale at TKO

I'll be back tomorrow with a Sweet
Little Poser Freebie .....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

NEW kits

I hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday!
Im sorry i have been so busy i havent been around
but I am working on a little something special for you
I thought I would show you my new kits and let you know
that most of them are only a buck through out the month
1 dollar all month long HERE

I think that my New Little Anna would be great in a
Valentines Day
Layout, Kit or Tag
I hope to be back soon with a Nice Goodie for you....
Have a wonderful day