Thursday, December 24, 2009

Angelosity 2

My Precious Angels I Love them all with they're
own little personalities and I Hope you will adopt one or
both as can pick them up at TKO

Blonde Pony Tails and BIG Blue eyes she has 12 Brand
NEW poses All different from Angelosity...I also included a
Sparrow in one of the Poses and included 3 different poses
of him....I just thought about the song I cannot think of the name
but I know it says something about Keep your eye on the
Sparrow a hymn maybe?...LOL!! anyhow Hope you will pick them
both up here and if you purchase them both Let me know and
i will send you a coupon for $2.00 off your next purchase
.. :)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas CU Freebie 2009!!!

Hello All ....I hope you are enjoying
your Holidays.......I am trying to get
into the Spirit of things and remember
what this holiday is about in the first
place....Baby Jesus!! and I
decided to give you a stocking stuffer
...this is a Poser Pack and its
in Tagger and Full Sizes and its one of
the first Posers I ever did soooo there
mite be a little mistake here and there
that could have been fixed If I had Known
what I was doing....ROFLMBO!!!!
Hope You enjoy and Please leave me a
comment here on my blog I just Love to
Here from you all....Thanks so much for

Merry Christmas and
God Bless You and
Your Family this
Holiday Season!!



Friday, December 18, 2009

My Customer Appreciation Sale Now at TKO

Oh my goodness thanks so much for
the kind words and I hope that you
enjoy my freebies....I have decided to
have a customer appreciation sale over
at TKO and hope you can stock up while
the prices are low....I do hope you have
a wonderful Christmas just in case Im not
back so much house work to do....
oh btw....most of the figures in the layout above
are in my Christmas Cookie its got
15 poses in it and Cooke,moose,and redbirds
characters so it and my custom angel kits
are the only thing that is not on sale...

FREEBIE and NEW stuff!!!

And Finally Your Freebie Is HERE I have put
this little gift together for you to Thank you for
your support ....I consider all of you my friends
and I wanted to give you something special...
This Gift is filled with many goodies never before
put in stores.....and Best of All its CU....hehehe
I really hope you and your family have the BEST
Christmas Ever!!! Thanks so much for following
my blog and have a Very Merry Christmas...Oh
and Please leave me a comment here on the blog!!!
(((BIG BEAR HUGS!!!)))))

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Product and a Freebie

Here is my latest creation an adorable set of
Cookie Angels....I figure you may have an idea
of what you would like her to look like so after
you purchase her

you can let me know what you
want her to look like there is an instruction sheet
in the download PLUS if you go purchase her
you will find a FREE product in my previews

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Holidays
Its getting closer....hehehe
Ill be back later today HOPEFULLY (if my head ache
doesnt return) with a NEW FREEBIE to download
here on the blog so dont go away too far....LOL!!!!