Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FREEBIE Sampler and My New Dolly

I have a fabulous Freebie for you today and its a Sampler of several of my kits so you can have an idea of the Quality, Sweat, Hard work and sometimes Tears that goes into these sets...LOL!!! Please by all means let me know what you think about them....post me a comment here since i use mediafire and there is no place for comments there....I want to make sure you know that ALL my products are 50% off at Tagging Angels even my new stuff so take advantage while you can im feeling generous at the moment...LOL!!!! pick up your FREEBIE HERE

Friday, August 27, 2010

3 CU Halloween Themed Grab Bags

I have worked hard to put these bags together for you so you can easily throw together that last minute running behind kit, layout or tags, there are different contents in all of these bags and they would work well together just the thing for that last minute collab kit LOL! you do NOT have to give me credit on these contents if you do thats super Awesome can always use the help. Now as of Now the only place I have them uploaded is my new store that i just got promoted in called Tagging Angels and we love to work hard for you....we are producing High Quality Products ....these grab bags have Full Size as well as Tagger and are rendered and created at 300dpi grab them HERE at TaggingAngels
They are only .99 thru the end of the month

Monday, August 23, 2010

LeeLee my little Chubby Fairy

Yupp this one looks like me...LOL!!! except i have blue eyes...this is a wonderful poser set she has 12 different poses and is a High Quality 300dpi product she is a Commercial use Product and no license necessary unless you want to sell her CU for CU then you need to purchase a License. All and any credit is appreciated..thanks for looking!
get her at the link below.....

Friday, August 20, 2010


I hope you all like this little freebie I made for you it is Commercial Use so just stop by my latest store and pick it up HERE sorry I dont have everything unpacked yet but im working hard and as quickly as possible so keep checking back if you dont see one of my products today you mite see it tomorrow...ROFLOL!!!!

**New Dolly New Store AWESOME Sale***

I have moved into yet another store with a Dear friend i recently met she is a real sweetheart and shes makes awesome products too....Your gonna love this store its beautiful...I am still moving all my stuff in including lots of my older stuff and I would Love for you to stop by and check out the awesome sale .99 cents for the weekend yes we have lost our minds but we want you to stop by and see us there is a CU grab bag with TONS of goodies from all the designers and you get it with a $3.00 purchase now that is AWESOME!!! Tagging Angels
PLEASE excuse the mess as we are still unpacking...LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Stuff at MooTwo and Im Miss Moo this month...Whoot

Miss Moo's Pick of the Month!!

Busy Scrappin
busy scrappin

This lovely gal makes the most beautiful poser figures I have ever seen. You can literally melt into their multi-faceted eyes and see their realistic hair wave in the breeze. Their skin tone is perfect and looks soft and touchable. I am such a fan of Busy Scrappin she has the most amazing Commercial Use products and designs the funkiest Personal Use kits I have seen in a long time. She is our Miss Moo pick for this month and boy are we proud to have her as part of the Design Team here at Moo Two Designs.

This months Free with $5 dollar purchase is the most adorable set of cowgirls called Ms Moo. This pack is full size and saved at 300 dpi with 10 different posers in all. She is the most cutest, prettiest poser with that hint of sass that you see in a lot of Busy Scrappins stuff. Thanks Lee Lee for being You!!

busy scrappin

thanks so much for these kind words made me feel so good and couldn't have happend at a better time...you guys rock and Im honored to be a part of your store....

If you all want to own my Ms Moo Poser set if you spend 5bucks at MooTwo youll get her for FREE Store Please do stop by and check it out...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet my Tink Pixie

My newest little Cutie Tink
Hope you all like her...I made her with my newest Poser addiction the Mavka Character I hope you all like her cause im gonna be using her a lot...LOL!!! Im working on a Freebie for you soon will be posting it...so watch for it! Hope you all have a Great week end...


Scrappin With Friends

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scrappin With Friends

Im so silly I almost forgot to tell you about the new store i am in...its a very nice place family type friends I have been playing games on facebook with the owners for a while....Sizzle and Crystal go take a look heres a link I don't have all my old stuff up there yet but Im working on it and my new stuff is definately there....i will be uploading my evil pixie soon as well...LOL
there is a lot of Awesome end of summer sales over there

New Friends and New Stores

I just wanted to tell you all that I met a really cool chicklet and its Ms. Kissy....she made my first tag ever made with my stuff for me today well i had a couple while back but this is recent and I really appreciate her and Janet for stepping up and helping me out cause i hadnt had anyone showing off my stuff yet....LOL!!!! Below is Janets Beautiful work and now my buddy Kissy made this tag and its my daughter Franny its a poser set for sale and also the stage with accessories you can pick them up at any of my stores....I have had trouble with my animation but i can wait no longer i havent heard from her to get her help so im uploading it the speakers have animated fireworks type and its really cool but its also pretty like this....I have her as a CT now and well Ill do a few favors for her as she works really hard and has a Beautiful Store (Im Jealous) jk I do miss my store though...LOL!!!! go check it out but dont spend too much money save some for my store...ROFLMBO!!! jk
I been up all nite can you tell? Im working on a lovely Cancer Charity kit called Courage, Strength and Love...one of my good friends from way back when i began this venture her daughter has cancer and we are trying to raise some money to help her with costs....I will show you when its done and lead you to a place to purchase I know your gonna want it....the Posers i made are adorable......Heres Kissy's Store

IM soooo Excited!!!!!

I have been wanting someone to play with
my kits and Look someone did....Janet made
these for me and i LOVE her for it....She also
made a tut here for the little girl one ...is she
cute or what? LOL!!!!
Enjoy and I have another tag from a new buddy
of mine but im trying to get the animation to
work for me.....for some reason i cannot get
flicker to work correctly for me anymore..Is
anyone else haveing that trouble? If so or If not
can you help me? ROFLMBO!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gothic Girls 1

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NEW- Mavka Gothic Girl's CU

2 Newest posers...I have fallen in love
with this character and
am in the process of making lots of
goodies with her...these are
my latest...my Gothic Girls
You can pick em up at any of the
stores on the right top of this