Monday, June 30, 2008

BackYardPlaygroundbyLeaonna-Freebie Blog Train

above is one of MY favorite papers from this kit...teehee
WOW you are in for a TREAT....this is the best
collab EVER....we have all worked hard on this
for please dont forget to leave us LOVE
everywhere you go....((hugs))now you can
Get Busyscrappin for sure*LOL*
Click for the Paper-Here and
then click Here for the embellies
for my Part pictured above...
Send me your layouts and they may get put in
the store Gallery for everyone to see...your name
will be posted as well if your picked....let me see
those layouts ladies and gents...hehehe
Dont forget to stop by the store i have a Free
matching QP there for you...teehee

My kit has been added to the Busyscrappin store...
I dont know how many of the links below are good but Ill
leave em in case you want to try....thanks for looking

Aeryn at Munchkin Scraps

Becky at Life In The Texas Panhandle

Beth at Lighthouse Designs

Brooke at Ahhh Scrap!

Crystal at DigiScrapalicious

Crystal at The AMAZED Scrapper

Dawn at Bearlyscrapping Designs

Debbie at Beckmoore's Scrapalittle

Debi at Sweet Adaline Designs

Denise at Designs By Crazy Diamond

Donna at Mamadukez Creations

Erika at PinkuPixie's Bits -n- Pieces

Heather at H.S. Designs
Joy at Share Joy

Karen at Lighthouse Scrapping

Kathy at Carolina Girl Scrap Creations

Kathy at the Scraploft

Kay at Grandma's Pixels

Kelly at KSH Scrapping
Kim at Kim's Scrapping

Krisi at Krisi's Kreations

Lara at Lara's Digi World

Leaonna You are HERE

Lori at ScripityScrap

Melanie at By God's Design

Melanie at Scrapping Life As It Happens

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Michaele at Burkhart Scrap Zone

Mollie at SwordaScrappin

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Penny at Just me....randomly babbling

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Sue at Scrap Stew Sue

jaydensmama at Scrapping With Tammy

Utski at Utski Can Scrap

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Layout with Karels kit...Natures Angels

this is one of Karels kits you can find her stuff
at Art and Scraps HERE

My dog brung this bunny in the other nite when he
returned from his walk....i freaked out when he laid it
on my bed....I was so happy to see the poor little thing was still
alive...Im pretty sure one of his legs was broken or out of socket..
but i took him and wrapped him up and tried to comfort him
we fixed up a cage for him (an old hamster cage) and let him
rest for the nite...i had heard that bunnies dont live like that
when you keep them in captivity so i had hoped he would be better in
the morning...I really did want to keep him....sure enuff the next
his little ears was perked up and he
was hoppin around in the cage....Thank the Lord....
we took him to the woods and put him gently in a thicket and
he hopped away....and now we often think of Thumper....
he was so sweet gentle never once tried to harm me when i
was taking care of him.....((hugs))

Friday, June 27, 2008

Freebies and more Freebies..hehehe....

Better Views of the Paper in Tie Dye Flashback

click HERE for your freebie and go HERE
for a super duper Big Fat Freebie that matches
this one...*LOL*
this is what the freebie at the store looks like

Thursday, June 26, 2008

*BBChallenge and a Freebie

Ok first off i did this layout with a freebie kit i got over
at BB a new store where most of the proceeds go to charities
and thats what most of the kits are made for...very nice
and thoughtfull Scrap for a Good Cause and
go by the shop and spend some money...
NOW i also joined in the challenge and made a little
freebie kit with it....SO click HERE and join
the forum and get your freebies there are links to more
then one in this Challenge Already

Monday, June 23, 2008

July Wishes

My wishes for family ued the kit July
wishes for byGod'sdesign you can purchase
i will give you a link as soon as I figure out
where she is selling it..*LOL*
Her blog is HERE
The box is from a psd. file that is included in my
box action you can get that HERE

Friday, June 20, 2008

New kits at the store and Freebies Galore WhoooHoooo!!

Beautiful NEW Summer kits by Robyn

Shake your Tale Feathers with this Gorgious
CU kit from by God's design...

Get Busyscrappin with my NEW Tattooed
Heart Embellies, Papers and Frames

Below is my favorite paper from the paper pack..

Ok time for the Freebies....teehee

Hi Yall!! i got a little goodie that matches my
Tattooed Heart 2 1-HERE
another one at my store 2-HERE

Below is the NEW Purchase
Freebie part one of our
COLLAB kit better late then never
my dad always used to say....
send me your layouts would LOVE to
heres Stellas part of the collab kit
come back to the store every week
to find a different part free with every

((hugs)) and Get Busyscrappin!!!*LOL*

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Layouts with Karels kits...

Here are my babies and I all together on
Mothers Day....Makes me very happy....
I used Touch of Spring Kit from
Karel at
one of the most Talented Designers I
know who creates a lot of her own art work
herself and then scans it in the computer...and
its adorable...she is in the process of upgrading
her store and WhoooooHooooo!!! Im very
excited for her....You can find her HERE!!
The layout below also done with one of her
Fabulous kits called Bull Frog Creek....
Thanks for looking ((hugs))

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day and a Freebie with xtras....

Happy Daddys Day to everyone and well
im sad and missing my daddy
i chose to do a kit on my hubby...He LOVES
golf...get it a Busyscrappin and click HERE
to get the freebie......byw...there is a couple neat
goodies in the freebie folder besides the layout..hehehe
((hugs)) and get busyscrappin!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

2-Free QPs from QP Sue and Heather.....

check out this lovely layout from QP Sue
I think these are her neices but anyhow
the point is she made a QP for you...
clik HERE to download it...and Give
Sue some LOVE here on her blog

AND i have a nother one for you HERE
Heres what i did with it cause i never do anything the
normal way*LOL*

you can get this KIT at

and you can visit Heathers blog HERE you
really should go leave her some love...teehee
Thanks for stopping by my blog....Now Get BUSYSCRAPPIN!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Popsicle Paradise train

I think we have all the links and things fixed now
several of us had some problems this morning
but they should all be functional....if not let us know
thanks for your patience....
Attention the old preview said the wrong use...
follow TOU inside the zip...preview inside zip
is incorrect...
KIT.....sorry for any inconvenience....

Ok its finally time to get this freebie and a whole
bunch of others that match...Please click on each
link below to pick up the whole kit...
Click on the Preview to download my part:)