Friday, February 29, 2008

FREEBIE its a SMALL goodie Bag!!!!!!

I have a FREEBIE and its
not HUGE but its a goodie...
I have been working so hard
to try and put some new items
in the store so PLEASE by all
means go on over to the store
and see if you like any of them..

((hugs)) Happy Scrappin!!
(just click on the goodie bag to
get the secret goodies...)
scroll down to see all the new
additions to the store.....

Daddy and Frank making Peach Cobbler

This is the photo that inspired the kit

I just had to upload it and let you all
see it...I want to say THANK YOU to
everyone for all the kind
are helping me to heal and as you
can see for the first time in almost 3
years that Ive been able to scrap about my Daddy....

Whats Cookin? My Daddys Peach Cobbler*LOL*

I was inspired to make this kit when
I found a picture of my Daddy

and my eldest son Frank making his famous Fruit Cobbler....of
course PEACH was always my favorite....This kit includes 3 real is my dads famous cobbler crust....very easy and
very Yummy...This is the first kit in a series with REAL recipes
and real Photo Backgrounds.....this kit is HUGE...
18 papers and 55 Elements.....WOW!!! you also get 2 QPs in this
kit.....What a DEAL!!!! $5.50

Whats Cookin QP 4 Pack

Hi all....I worked so hard on this kit and so
hard on the previews I just had to Create
some layouts....I hope you all like them and
that they are useful...I have set the price less
then a dollar a piece at $3.00

Tattooed Heart Kit II-PERSONAL Use


I am sooo excited about this
kit...I have been working on this
for weeks and back
by popular demand
Tattoed Heart II....
I hope you enjoy this i know I will and
I will be making a set of QPs SOON!!
this kit is Personal Use only and is

BunchesOFlowers Kit NEW!!!!

Have you ever just needed one more
thing to complete a kit or layout?

Well this would be a GREAT kit to have....

I made and colored six Flowers for you..
I also included a Grey Flower and Center
so you could color them however you like...
this can be used by designers to complete
kits but not to just make a flower kit ...
and then personal use is ok to add them
to a layout or blog.....
This Kit is only $2.50
Just clik on the photo if you would like
to purchase it and you will be redirected

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FREEBIE Samples from NEW Styles!!!!!

this is a sample freebie of what these styles
can do.....hehehe......

Great for Commercial use or Personal......
Great price @ $5.00
Smaller set $2.50

heres a Quik-Link to the store
Heres Your Freebie....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CONTEST!!!! and of course a FREEBIE....

Ok....Im gonna see who is payin attention here....*lol*
I have decided to give you all a little challenge.....
make a layout with any of my freebies and post it in
a gallery somewhere anywhere...*lol*
send me the link(
and make sure you use some of my
FREEBIES and or Purchased Kits from
Busyscrappin or 2busyscrappin2shop or
Leaonna's @ Scrapoholic Desingns
and I will pick a lucky winner of a $5.00 gift certifcate
for any of my kits at any location....*LOL*
NOW thats a DEAL!!!!
IM not posting this in groups yet because I want to see how long
it will take for someone to respond to me...
JUST click on the photo of new kit above to get a Surprise Freebie!!!
and a good one for taking so long...*LOL*

Special People.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

FREEBIE QP and surprises....

YAY....we all LOVE freebies rite? we have some GREAT little samples
made with our NEW style be released in our SCRAPOHOLIC
store soon....


Monday, February 11, 2008

Daddy and I at my HS Graduation 1988

These where the Best Times of My LIFE....I just didn't know it yet...*lol*
Well here I am trying to scrap about Daddy and well...I have shed many
tears while creating this...and wondered if I would ever get it done....(this
is layout #2)....I made him so PROUD on this day and how I LOVED
to please him... No worries freshly graduated Daddy by my side
how could I go wrong... My whole life ahead of me.....Id give just about
anything to go back to this spot in time right here...
My High School Graduation....1988..
These where the Best of Times...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Freebie Froggy Addon...Enjoy

Just click on photo of preview above
to get this matching goodes kit...
please... dont forget to leave me some LOVE
I could REALLY use some...*lol*

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

QP from heart kit

Click on QP above to get this from Cindi....
Hi yall this is a REALLY cool QP for you and the kit is COOL
too...Dont forget to leave some LOVE if you DOWNLOAD
and visit me here at 2BusyScrappin2Shop to pick up the kit for $3.00
first 25 people get an add on FREEBIE!!!!

If you would like the Goodie bag
I have prepared for you then click HERE
click here to get some of the goodies out of the kit so you can make
your own layout too if you wish...((hugs)) and thank you so much for all of
the kind words It helps me to know that someone is listening to me
and can relate to the same things I,m going thru

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2Great QPs from our CT Sue....leave her some luv

I have two awesome QPs for you....One of our
NEW CT members SUE has been hard at work for us....
You can pick up this kit for $5.00 at
2 busyscrappin 2 shop
and thru the weekend only get a Free Add on kit
for joining our gruop Busyscrappin or Scrapoholic..
click on photo for download
Happy Scrappy

FREE add on for Purchase of Feelin Froggy

Its not easy being Green Add On.....
all you have to do is buy the Feelin Froggy kit $3.50 and JOIN
Busyscrappin or Scrap0holic group....there should be links to join in the right
hand column of this blog....
This is an exclusive kit for members only and only for this
weekend...Monday this kit will be a
purchase only item in the store.
Click on Logo Below to purchase the Feelin Froggy Kit
and email me with your customer reciept # and youll
be on your way to recieving your
Free "its not easy being green" Add on.....