Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Friends and New Stores

I just wanted to tell you all that I met a really cool chicklet and its Ms. Kissy....she made my first tag ever made with my stuff for me today well i had a couple while back but this is recent and I really appreciate her and Janet for stepping up and helping me out cause i hadnt had anyone showing off my stuff yet....LOL!!!! Below is Janets Beautiful work and now my buddy Kissy made this tag and its my daughter Franny its a poser set for sale and also the stage with accessories you can pick them up at any of my stores....I have had trouble with my animation but i can wait no longer i havent heard from her to get her help so im uploading it the speakers have animated fireworks type and its really cool but its also pretty like this....I have her as a CT now and well Ill do a few favors for her as she works really hard and has a Beautiful Store (Im Jealous) jk I do miss my store though...LOL!!!! go check it out but dont spend too much money save some for my store...ROFLMBO!!! jk
I been up all nite can you tell? Im working on a lovely Cancer Charity kit called Courage, Strength and of my good friends from way back when i began this venture her daughter has cancer and we are trying to raise some money to help her with costs....I will show you when its done and lead you to a place to purchase I know your gonna want it....the Posers i made are adorable......Heres Kissy's Store