Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Freebies For Thanksgiving-Grannies Goodies

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am very
thankful for my family and my friends....I hope you all
enjoy this Freebie it is the first Part of two unless I
end up with more stuff but anyhow, these are for your
personal use please do not give away to other people
I would appreciate the visit here....If you have any problems
with the download let me know k? And if you want to you can
send me some layouts....I WAS INSPIRED to do this kit when
I began to look thru a box of my Grandmothers things.....
I was sad and happy and excited all the same....I love old things
and antiques and there is just sooo many things in this
kit that take me back to those fond memories of my
Darling Nanny!Thanks for stopping by! Come back SOON!!