Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frannies Accelerated Reading Award

I am so proud of Franny yes this is
the artist and she is smart too*LOL*
she graduated from 5th grade reading
on a 12th grade level....she loves to read
and is so smart.....
I used Bella by Cens is a link
where you can find it
....i also used a
freebie from her blog
NOT only can you find Challenges and Freebies
on her blog there is also one in her store...go
check it out...the Bella kit is on sale and VERY
I suggest it highly I had a BALL scrappin with
this kit....


Census said...

What a beautiful layout to mark such a wonderful achievement!! Well done Fran and congratulations to you Leaonna on such a wonderful layout!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Lo. Congrats to Frannie. I know how proud you must feel. :)

Me said...

Looking great!

I tagged you for a QP swap thingy. Check out my blog for the details.

Tara said...

Such a lovely layout, and so wonderful to hear about an excellerated reader! wOOt!!

And yes, please feel free to boot that certain individual's butt, lol!

AND...keep any eye out in your email! I'm sending you a coupon!!!!

hugs and loves,