Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi there!!...I'm soooo excited don't you just love this layout....I got together with Crystal over at the template club....http://thetemplateclub.blogspot.com/.......if you go on
over there you can get the first page in this QP set....But not till
the 5th I believe....Im going to give you the link to Part 2...
I think Crystal is a Template Diva and here's a little about her:
"I've been married for nine years. I have two kids, Eli is 7 years old, Eden is 4 months old. Keep us with my babies gives me plenty of oppurtunities to come up with great layouts. I design in my free time, but I have a real job as a remote medical record coder. It's demanding and very detail oriented, a lot like design. I'm a busy girl but I enjoy both my "jobs" tremendously."
now for my part of the Freebie go here


grambie said...

So nice to visit you as I browse this early in the morning. I was visiting TTC and followed links of interest that was listed on her blog. Have A wonderful and a blessed 2008! Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

grambie said...

It's me again. Thanks for the wonderful QP to coincide with Crystals's page 1. I think this cooperative arrangement is just fantastic. It truly reveals your inner-self since you are so willing to share of your Deity-given talent. Again, TFS.

(Come on people, Please!! leave comments here beside on 4Share so that Leaonna can keep them and read at leisure. Everything received with patience and grace is more than worth it.)