Monday, October 27, 2008

Hi Yall!!! a layout and my NEW tag

ok I have a couple of things to share and 1
is this AWESOME tag in the top rite hand
corner of the blog isnt that Great?....I
got that from my girlfriend K...what
a sweetie I LOVE it Thank you so much
i also have a layout from a CT member
and Dear Friend I met thru
Jessica named Cindi...she is a real
sweetie and she made this layout
with my harvest of blessings you can
get HERE!!!

Dont forget to check back here Friday Nite
for the Trick or Treat Train
its gonna be fabulous line up of designers
with links to Lots of Treats...heheh

I also have recieved several awards and will
be back to show them off asap!!!


Anonymous said...

You new tag is cool. Cindi did a great job with your Harvest kit.
Can't wait til Friday. I'll be here! :)

Lisbet said...

I have a linksite - feel free to write somethinh at it to be linked: