Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friendship Around the World....

I LOVE getting these awards....makes me feel
so good to know i am one of the people you think
about when passing them out....hehehe ....Thanks
to Aeryn * Munchkin Scraps AND
QP Scrappy Schnooks Sue... for passing this award
to me....I LOVE you both Very much and I think you
know it...hehehe sorry for the mushy stuff I just
got back from church and it makes me have soooo
much Love inside....the Lord Amazes me.... and Im
thanking him rite now in this post for ALL the Wonderful
friends I have made in this community......Now on to the
challenge of picking 8 out of hundreds....tough but here
they are

Melanie byGodsDesign
Jessica of nezzidesigns
Suzy the Scrap Wizard
Serene by RW
Laura from..simply.scraps
Brianna at Toxic Candy
Amber at You gotta Start Somewhere
Sabrina at Drama Queen Scraps


Laura said...

awww thanks, hun! :)