Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi there!!...I'm soooo excited don't you just love this layout....I got together with Crystal over at the template club....http://thetemplateclub.blogspot.com/.......if you go on
over there you can get the first page in this QP set....But not till
the 5th I believe....Im going to give you the link to Part 2...
I think Crystal is a Template Diva and here's a little about her:
"I've been married for nine years. I have two kids, Eli is 7 years old, Eden is 4 months old. Keep us with my babies gives me plenty of oppurtunities to come up with great layouts. I design in my free time, but I have a real job as a remote medical record coder. It's demanding and very detail oriented, a lot like design. I'm a busy girl but I enjoy both my "jobs" tremendously."
now for my part of the Freebie go here