Friday, January 25, 2008

I have something to share and I absolutely LOVE it......
she used my Freebie Christmas Kit from the Sassy contest....
Jesus is the heart of the season...and this family keeps
that true you gotta read this tradition below....I was so
touched by the story I just had to share it with you:

In our home we have a tradition
we started when the kids were very young. On CHRISTmas morning before
anything can be opened we take a small gift box and each take turns putting
a foam heart into the box. For we all know the only thing Jesus would want
from us on His birthday is our hearts. We then close the box, sing happy
birthday to Him and finish it with the chorus from come all ye faithful
which is Come Let Us Adore Him. When all that is done we place the box into
the tree branches and then and only then are the kids allowed to start
opening their stockings and presents. We also have a dinner followed by a
Birthday cake just to make sure the kids "get it". It has become my favorite
CHRISTmas tradition and hope that now as the two older children are out of
the home (not having kids for quite a while I hope) that they will continue
the tradition. Even when they come over CHRISTmas day they still ask to put
their "gift" in the box.

thanks for sharing your story with me Donna...heres a
link to Donna's blog

if yall wanna drop her a line and tell her your thoughts on this
beautiful page...she has it posted on her blog as well....


Donnamae said...


Your wordz of kindnesz touch my heart. Thankz for thinking of me and accepting me to your CT. I am humbled and honored. You have become a wonderful friend.

Donna aka Mamadukez