Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The 2 Loves of my life....

Hi there I am sharing with you a layout I did with at new kit to come out
soon....its a callab kit with my buddy from Nexa's digiscraps...We are
going to have a HUGE Awesomely Wonderful Valentines kit for you guys...
off course we just have to give u some FREEBIES along the way...*LOL*
This is a layout I did a QP for you all...
I will be posting it in a Goodie bag for you all sometime 2-nite....
The Beautiful Word Art in this QP was created by
Nexa's Digiscraps
she is so good at this...I am not talented in this area at all ......this is one of
the things that makes us work so well together...*lol*

Nexa's Digiscraps has a QP as well with goodies in
download as have to go over there to get on name to get there in a flash....

The Goodie Bag and QP is ready just click on either
page layout above to DOWNload

FYI: something personal about me turn away if
you dont want to read go
get your freebie buh bye and have a nice day......those who are interested...this is the first
layout including my father I have been able to do about him
since his death....I have tried on many occasions...but its hard
to scrap when tears are falling from my eyes so heavy I cannot
My Father was my BEST Friend and I Miss him
so badly it hurts just like the day he died.....I have been struggling
with this issue and Doctors are sure this is one of the reasons
I have Fybromalgea....I have shed many tears on this layout and
I dont know if Ill be able to do another one anytime soon...
It makes me so sad to think of him....I try not too and its
really not fair because he was such a GREAT man....Soft Hearted
Gentle, Careing and Sensitive...I want to be able
to share these things with my children and grandchildren in my pages..
I really hope I can do more layouts and share with you all what a Wonderful Loving
Friend and Parent he was....Hes the reason Im the person I am
today...Bad or Good He is the Reason....


Nexa (Jessica) said...

Aaawww, sweetie, I am proud of you, this was the first, and probably hardest step to take, and it's a great thing to have and remember him by.. I'm very sure he's looking down at you and smiles and he sure is proud over you, for being such a great person, and for finally being able to take such a huge step. I know I am VERY proud of you too! Love you.
Hugs Jessi

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Candie said...

Oh sweetie, my heart goes out to you. I DO understand what you are saying, and I KNOW what you mean. I, too, have lost my father, so long ago (1975) but it still seems like yesterday. Like you, I have trouble scrapping (even talking about him) pages with my dad in them.

I find, if I take a piece of paper, jot down my thoughts of him...good or bad, just whatever is running through my makes it easier for me to use his photos and to talk about him. Try it, it might help...and it might not. The more you do it, the easier it gets. OH, it never gets EASY...just easier. You have the right idea, do pass this along to your children and grandchildren...and besides that, it's great therapy for you!(hug)
TY so much for the Freebies and TY for sharing your story, that too, helps you. :-)
Have a great weekend.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Frist A HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!
I know its hard Feb 19th will be 7 years since I lost my husband in a fall at the Firehouse where he was performing his duties as Chief Engineer I now take life one day at a day & miss him so much but get my comfort knowing he's up there with all my other beloved family & his watching over me & our 2 grown son's!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this FANTASTIC QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!