Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Freebie Desktop..Love Always is the title..

Hi everyone....Im so glad to finally have something
for you all to post....I am working on a
Desktop Kit for my store heres the address youll
have to copy and paste it....
and this is my first Freebie from it....I hope you
enjoy and PLEASE leave me some feedback.....I
made a section of the desktop light so you could
have an area to put your icons...and still enjoy
the color everywhere else....I am going to make a
series of these and need to know what you like
and dislike about it and what subjects you would
like to see..

I stamped a love letter from the Grungy Love
Letters Brushes I made on the background
....and added some Grunge
to the pink....I hope you like the glass heart border
at the top...and I am so proud of myself for making
my own buckle and making it look weaved through
the buckle it is so fun....

I would really appreciate some support by purchasing
an item or two at my store listed above

I give away a lot of Freebies and all of
my items are priced very affordable....I have to prove
to my husband I can make a living this way or I cannot
keep the store...and well Im not physically or
mentally able at this point to handle one(my husband

doesn't understand this)....I am capable of and
I LOVE designing things for you all and I would
LOVE to continue to do so...but I will need your help k?

Thanks soooo much for stopping by