Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winner of my Scrapbook Give Away

Teresa is the winner and luck has it going to a good place as
she and her daughter scrapbook together and need a NEW
scrapbook ...isnt that great?
Congratulations you two....just get back to me with your
address so I can send you the book....

I couldnt have picked a better winner!!!
Hi Leaonna, Yes, I love to scrapbook with my daughter.
She is adopted from China and has
several learning disabilities due to living in an oprhanage
for a couple of years. I kept trying to
find something we could do together but she just couldn't
"get" a lot of the crafts and she certainly
isn't athletic. One day I was working on a scrapbook and
I gave her a few pictures and pages
to work with and the next thing I knew she had created
her first page! Since then we've
completed 2 books together and she's done 2 on her own.
For Christmas she got her own camera
so there's no stopping her now! THanks so much for this giveaway.
Scrapbooking supplies aren't
really part of our budget, so this is a wonderful surprise!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. A perfect winner! :)

Luna said...

That is so sweet! Congratulations Teresa!!

Sue/ aka Scrappy Schnooks said...

Congratulations to Teresa and to her daughter. This does certainly sound like you couldn't have picked a better person to win this!!
I have a special needs Son so I know how it is to try and find a interest.