Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Layout with Karels kit...Natures Angels

this is one of Karels kits you can find her stuff
at Art and Scraps HERE

My dog brung this bunny in the other nite when he
returned from his walk....i freaked out when he laid it
on my bed....I was so happy to see the poor little thing was still
alive...Im pretty sure one of his legs was broken or out of socket..
but i took him and wrapped him up and tried to comfort him
we fixed up a cage for him (an old hamster cage) and let him
rest for the nite...i had heard that bunnies dont live like that
when you keep them in captivity so i had hoped he would be better in
the morning...I really did want to keep him....sure enuff the next
his little ears was perked up and he
was hoppin around in the cage....Thank the Lord....
we took him to the woods and put him gently in a thicket and
he hopped away....and now we often think of Thumper....
he was so sweet gentle never once tried to harm me when i
was taking care of him.....((hugs))


Anonymous said...

Awwww...poor bunny. Good news is he hopped away because of your TLC. Way to go Leonna. :)

Nexa (Jessica) said...

Awww, the lo turned out beautiful, as always.. And I love the pics you choosed, now you just need to make one with the pretty headshot too...*lol*
Well done sweetie!!