Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Award....Now Dont I feel special...hehe

I have said it before and Ill say it again THANKs
so much...its so nice to get awards like this when your
feeling down and I have had a feeling down day...kind
of like Everything seems to be going wrong at once
Im hangin in and I KNOW the Lord will get me thru
this miserable time...thanks Michelle and I
think Im gonna also recieve this from Kathy
I know its kinda a pain to link up the awards but if it
means every now and then when I really need to hear
the kind words of an award its way worth ALL the time and effort it takes to post Im passing this on to the following people....there are many more then this
but I have strepp throat and am getting tired and need to lay down.....xoxoxox



Sue/ aka Scrappy Schnooks said...

Thank You Leaonna :) I hope you feel better soon! I have also been down for a few weeks now. Then this week my 2 sons were down also.

KissedbyPix said...

Leaving some Friday blog lovies! xoxox Pix

Anonymous said...

With everything that is happening you really have to take care of yourself to make it through it all. Hope you feel better soon.
Tahnks so much fro the award. I really appreicate it. :)
Now go rest and drink plenty of water. Pleeze :)

Lady Shannon said...

Please visit my blog to pick up your newest award.

Nexa (Jessica) said...

Aww, hun, I see I recieved another award from you, that's just soo sweet of you, thanks a bunch for thinking of me, even though I've been away for such a long time.. I'll try to come back, little by little..Love ya!! HUGS