Friday, January 29, 2010

New Kits and Your CU Freebie!!! Bad News

Well I have lots of goodies to share but
also bad news one of my dear pets passed
away and I'm devastated every
time this happens My Pets are my children
and I have lost 8 but this none any
different then the first....I have cried my
eyes out for days...

BUT on a Lighter Note
I have a Awesome Valentines Day Freebie
for You All and its a CU Grab Bag If you like
it please stop by the store and support me
by making a purchase. At least leave me a
Comment I really like to hear from you
all...and thanks for listening
to my ramblings you are also like my family...

Pick it up HERE
this is a FULL size will be back ASAP with
I Hope you like it...