Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is the gift I promised you....
My little Suzette and Kitty, i made
this little kit with full intentions of
putting it in the store but I don't
think its quite good enough now
that I have learned to use a better
lighting system....

I have kinda been out of it I have
ran into a problem...I cleaned the
registry on my computer to make
it run better and my Poser quit
working correctly....I have cried and
cried and tried and tried to fix it and
well i have done everything from
reinstalling to trying a diff version..If
you have any helpful hints Please Please
let me know and I hope you can use this
little kit even though its not that good*LOL*
I couldnt just throw it away!!*LOL*

Sorry I only have Full size for now Ill be back
with the tagger size asap....Hugs

Back Now with the TAGGER size....Hugs!!!