Monday, November 9, 2009

A layout finally?

My Beautiful Daughter Frances

It has been so very very long since i have done any
layouts So, I decided to join a CT again and force
myself to have fun....LOL...I really Love to Scrap
Layouts I just havent had time so now I'm
making time to show off Aisne's Adorable Creations
and the first set i recieved is called Blossom and
Friends You can find them HERE
I hope you like it Please let me know what you think..
AND check out the ADORABLE items up for sale she
has posted on her BLOG...OMG!
I want them all Aisne!!! Pretty Please?*LOL*
Big Hugs to you all and Thank you for Looking!!
AND thanks Aisne for letting me be a part of your
creative team....You have done some marvelous work...


Aisne said...

Love the layout. It is so colourful.

Nexa (Jessica) said...

SUUUUPEr pretty lo of Franny, well done, as always ;o)
Me, I'm slowly getting back into a scrapping mood, maybe because now I'm getting back to my old self again, after Tim was born in Oct 29th.

I can't push myself to blog in english at the moment, so I have all my scrapped stuff on my swedish blog, go check it out on if you wanna see Tim.. Under the category (kategori in swedish) "kids zone" you'll find some pics of my new baby ;)

I miss talking to you and will try to get better at going online, k?