Monday, March 9, 2009

Got another Freebie for You

Hi Yall!! first off I want to say Thank You for the nice comments and let me answer a few questions.... the link for the last item is still good I double checked it so try again if you couldnt download it.....the other is you do get the free bag when you make a purchase you dont have to put it in your shopping cart you will automatically get the download link with the links for what you purchased. I hope this helps....i have to put the price on it so no one will download it for free with no purchase*LOL*...I had a few to do that unknowing...its the way the store is set up....If you have ANY problems Please feel free to contact the technical support at the store.... I wanted to inform you all that Ill be MIA for a few days as Im getting 5 teeth pulled a long time coming Im looking forward to the relief but Ill probably be in pain for a few days as a couple of them have to be surgically removed.... Now on to your freebie....I wanted to give you something Pretty and of course I LOVE the bling so its included as well*LOL*....I have included in this little Golden Egg Layers in case you want to do something diff besides add bling and the plain golden egg as well as the one with the bling is also included in case you dont have PS.. I hope you like it and Please do leave your comments here again because Im not using 4shared and Your comments mean a lot to me....Its nice to hear a Thank You for my efforts....or more just like the ones that asked for help or anything...Just leave it here and I
will get back to ya....((hugs)) and enjoy...
Just click on the preveiw to download