Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad News Today......

Hello all,
I feel like I dont usually put a lot of my personal life on this blog because, well I didnt think anyone wanted to hear this stuff BUT I feel like I have to share this with you all....My DH got laid off today....He worked for Dupont for 15 years and was such a dedicated employee...2am phone calls asking for his guidance and I am so worried.....I have been disabled for a few years now partially because of a Car accident And partially because I was born with dissabilities that make me not so good
at making decisions without meds...However all this could be gone within a year....SO Im doing my best to make a bigger effort to try and suppliment our income which will be zero at the end of the year....I am joining more stores ones that give me a head ache to upload to but will maybe help with my sales....I am going to try and provide items that
everyone would like to purchase and If you can leave me a comment and let me know if there is anything at all I can make to help with your needs....Thanks so much for reading this and thank you for being dear friends.....I feel closer to you all then my Real Life Friends....Any words of encouragement would be wonderful rite now as im drowning in my tears... Wondering what the Lord has in store for me....xoxoxo