Friday, August 22, 2008

New kit Kireina Cho-Cho

this kit was inspired by my Beautiful Butterfly
akina cho which got Melanie who also did a kit
to searching and found out thats not what her
name means my new little furr ball...hehehe
but still made a cool kit*LOL*
Heres the inspiration below...
this is her Got Milk Picture...hehehe


Unknown said...

Leaonna, I was trying to collect the collaboration Beach Kit from Cen's, {Judy} and saw where you had a part in it and displayed on her site, but I don't see it on yours? did you take it down already or can you help me find it, I blog hopped to get the rest of this kit and yours is the only part I am missing, I would love to have it. if you could email me the link or help me.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous kit and the dog aint bad either. lol Very cute, love that little face!