Friday, March 7, 2008

Layout and Challenge #4

Hi Yall....Im so excited to be feeling well and
getting a second lease on life with the computer
*LOL* its running great too....thats kinda
funny maybe i was making it feel bad hahaha!
anyhow I wanted to show everyone my bestie!
*LOL*...Jess and I have been thru a lot in the
short time we have known each other and well
they so what Doesnt kill you can only make you stronger...and I believe that our friendship
has grown strong and well I feel lucky to have
you as a friend I just had to use my
Feelin Lucky kit to show everyone....

now for the challenge....hehehe
if you wanna join the challenge
do a layout of your bestie....
I want to meet her or him or it...*LOL*
you must use the feelin Lucky kit to do this...
now I know this mite be asking a lot....but HEREs the deal.........Just click on the donation button on the lower right hand section of my blog donate at least $1.00 you can donate more if ya like....and then email me your number from reciept and i will send you the kit and detials on what to do with your thats a pretty good deal and a chance to get your money back and more....NOW.....the winner will recieve a $5.00 gift certificate to the stores either one(scrapoholicOR2busyscrappintoshop).. whatever you like you get to pick it out....hehehe hows that for a challenge....
You get a steal of a deal AND a chance for more goodies....*LOL*
Now you will be responsible for claiming your prize Im not gonna hunt you down to give it to you.
so please watch and listen on my blog scrapoholic blog or the groups for the winner...I will post the winner in all the places so if your watching one you should get the for the CT group well you DONT have to join in on this all are always welcome to join any challenge but this time its not manditory k?
((hugs)) and get Busyscrappin.....*LOL*


Crystal said...

You've been busy today :)

Anonymous said...

I made a LO of my Bestie using your Feeling Lucky Kit. Thanks for the Cchallenge. I love this kit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonna, I tried to send an e-mail but it wouldn't take. Can you give me your e-mail address? I would like to send you My Bestie LO. Thanks :)